How are you all today?
The sun is shining here and I am clearing
out my apartment as we are moving next week
Its amazing the things you find!
Today I have posted some amazing photography
by Nicolas Mathéus, I have shown his work before but
here are a few (to me) more recent shots.


  1. Outstanding! I especially love the second photo with the gothic windows and the stairs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love love love the rooftop bed with the awesome view

  3. oh wow! what a great/ amazing photo's.

    just found out about your blog via pinterest,
    really like it! definitly will be following you!

  4. Nancy09:50

    τhe rooftop bed with the awesome view i think is from Santorini Greece!
    Have a perfect Summer!!!!!!!!
    Nancy from Greece

  5. Anonymous10:09

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