Did you have a nice Easter weekend?
So after a few days of moving and settling
in to my new home in London, I am back with you :)
I am so happy and comfortable here,
I feel like I have come home.
I it!
So here I have for you today a very
beautiful family home in Reykjavík
I love the floors, infact...I love all of it!
Enjoy lovely people and it's nice to be back....



  1. Welcome back :)
    True, this house is amazing ! I love the pic number 4 !

  2. Beautiful!! :)

    Have a nice evening!

    Hugs, Jorid

  3. The cowhide in that bedroom is awesome, and that mirror is amazing. Great finds.

  4. Wow! This is a perfect 21st century home. Everything looks modern and chic. This family is so lucky to be living in a place like this. It looks so serene and formal. They could totally feel the light of the sun during daylight. Very nice!

    Kevin Noel

  5. This house reminds me of the movie, “Click”, starring Adam Sandler. It looks so fresh and modern. I wonder what it’s like to be living in an awesome place like this. It’s wide and has good natural lighting, thanks to the bay windows. And even without too much color, it looks lively and comfortable to live in.

    Calvin Mordarski


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