from James Merrells portfolio
...I picked some favourites ♥


L O V E N O R D I C 


  1. I love the black wall in the top photograph. Inspired by photos like that, I once decided to paint my closet ceiling black. It didn't look anywhere near as nice! :p

  2. Wow lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous08:19

    I just recently found your blogg, and you're already becoming a favourite. Thank you so much for focusing on 'all things nordic'. Here in Norway the nordic is relatively hard to come by, I'm sad and a bit embarrassed to say. All our nouveau riche, trend-setters and hordes of wannabes seem to prefer an eclectic mix of everything but. Thank you so mush for your inspiring, classy, simple and elegant blogg! (And, I suppose, thanks to your Icelandic mother for installing this pride and conviction in you.)

  4. Great pictures ! (as usual)
    I'm agree with Hilde ! Thank you so much to share beautiful and elegant inspirations :)


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