If you lovely people are anything like
me, you will LOVE the Krummi (Raven)
hanger designed by fellow Icelander
Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir.
For the giveaway, I am going to ask you
"Why would Krummi like to land in your nest?"
please send your comments
and I will pick one at the end of March...
The winner will receive a Krummi hanger 
(either on a wire to hang from the ceiling or for
a more traditional function, on a hook - your choice)
Good luck :)



  1. oooo! i love these ravens! i painted our living room grey and the furniture is grey and black and white with pops of color from various accessories and books. i am very happily envisioning this raven hanging out with our other black and white art in the room!

  2. I knew you were Icelandic as soon as I found your blog! There is just something...

    I would LOVE a Krummi because I LOVE your homeland!

    I have visited several times,and there is something deep in the sensibility of the land and its people that is both identifiable and indescribable.

    Reyjavik - Hekla - Gullfoss - Snaefellsjokull - Landmannalaugar - Kerid Kratur....

    For me, what resonates in the KRUMMI is something I identify as essential Iceland but it is hard to describe why. That's why the KRUMMI is great, iconic Icelandic design and why I would love to have one near me everyday.

  3. so niceeeeeeee!!!! love it!!!!!! just need one right now!!!!
    xoxo. Cez

  4. Anonymous18:16

    O I would let the beautiful raven fly around in my livingroom. Everything is white and in a very earthy colourscale - but the bookshelf is dark red and I have a big candle on top of it. The raven would cast beautiful shadows on the wall and sealing. (of course - sometimes it would move around as well, I mean, it's a raven... )

  5. What a cool blog you have here! I am fairly new here, but if I may join... the bird would find a very warm, Dutch nest with people who will take care of him very well!

    love, Iris

  6. Anonymous22:26

    I agree, awesome blog, only found it a little while ago but have been trawling back through old posts - I think you've just decorated our whole home :)
    I'm from Australia, and sometimes think I was born in the wrong country - i just love the Nordic style, clean lines, soft fabrics, light airy colours and rich creamy blacks.. mm. love it. This raven is gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it here... so beautiful hanging along the wall, leaving a shadow as it moves in the wind. Yep, very cool.
    Love your work on here by the way, it's my daily treat :)

  7. krummi would like to land to my nest,because krummi would love to travel and ,would like to meet some french birds,
    he will be very welcome here, could taste some really really good food and drink good wine,enjoy the sun and see the sea

  8. It is absolutely fab! I remember seeing it when I've visited you here earlier. I love it, it is a piece of art and I would love to have it hanging on my bedroom wall with my favorite dress on it!

    I also love your blog! You have the greatest taste! Thank you for sharing so much wonderful inspiration!

    Greetings from Norway, Oslo

  9. You are an inspiration and deserve an Award!
    Pass it on to five bloggers with less than 100 followers.
    Have a nice day!
    Love, Lena.

  10. Thank you so much Lena! What a nice surprise :)

  11. Krummi would like to land in our nest so that he could scare away the noisy magpies!

  12. krummi would like to land in my nest because i will take good care of him and feed him and nurture him and hang him up for all to see@@

    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  13. it would look nice in the kidsroom !:)I like your blog !:)

  14. Úlla19:12

    Krummi would like to land in my nest because I have a lot of treasures and he would like to stay here and keep an eye on them. : )

  15. What would be better than for this bird to fly home to me and take care of my *bling, bling*
    I now that he will do a god job and at the same time hang on my wall as a jewellery himself.

  16. I have a passion for birds in every shapes. So here this bird will have a lot of love. And I think love is very importante!

  17. What a nice giveaway! Our nest would be the perfect place for little Krummi. We have spent the summer (australian) making the perfect home for him... we've ripped up the old 70s carpet and painted the floorboards white, our bedroom walls are now a nice dark charcoal grey and day by day the house is transformed into a little ode to nordic design :)

  18. It would be a great present for my wife so she has somewhere to hang her vintage dresses in our newly painted bedroom. The combination of a hanger and art object just gets to me.

  19. Anonymous10:37

    In my home the Krummi on a wire wouldn't land, but keep on flying above the stairs between the ground- and first floor. And looking out, he would be able to see his Norwegian relatives pass by twice a day.
    Love your blogg!

  20. Krummy over my bed should be a yummy dream for my hunter-cat Riff. And a misterious and a little scary thing for my other cat Oscar. He is always amazed at something :)

  21. Krummi would love it in our home. We already have several other "birds" you can play with in our livingroom and my daughters room. So welcome home to our bird-home here in Oslo:)You will love it here!:)

  22. Anonymous22:41

    oh my goodness! I've been on the look out for one of these little fellows ever since I spotted him in a magazine last year - maybe Living Etc or Elle Decor. So exciting! Krummi would love to fly all the way over to the UK and share our mini flat because he'd keep me company as I work from home each day, and he would bring some fun as he floats through my office (aka. corner of the bedroom!)

  23. Anonymous09:54

    Such an wonderful giveaway!!

    It would be so nice to give home to Krummi..he would be so loved and cared for, i promise you ;)

    Greetings from Finland

  24. Besides loving the design, when my sister died a long time ago( we were in our teens), i would dream about her and in every dream there would be a raven, weird huh? I have a raven tattoo on my arm to remind me of her, and a raven hanging in my room would just round everything out.
    Love your blog

  25. Being half icelandic I would be pleaced to have a peace of my loveing country---- Love the mindset of your blog - gives me the right feeling of what the northern lifestyle is about....

    Tanxs xxx Nina

  26. Because it would be the perfect gift for my mom's first house as an empty nester. My mom loves good design but always choses to spend her money on us!

  27. Krummi would love to land on my nest because it will fill just like home. With plenty of natural light and with many admirers old and young of his stunning beauty.

  28. Well you can never have too many birds around! I just love the shape of this beautiful Krummi-bird, it's like a shadow.

  29. Such a wonderful giveaway! I love your blog so much.. I am continually pulling inspiration for our new home from your gorgeous collection of images! Krummi would feel right at home with us I am sure.. anywhere in the home, really. Was completely smitten the moment I saw him.. this coming from a person who loves birds so much.. I have a flock of black birds tattooed across my chest/shoulder... smitten is putting it mildly. ;) Anyway, more than anything I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration! Waving I from Northern Alberta Canada!! :)

  30. It is just so cool! My wardrobe needs one, I would hang it to my bedroom, I have nothing on the walls, so I would hang my new gorgeous Acne dress, which is waiting for summer. I believe they would complete each other to perfection, in my white bedroom.

  31. Anonymous19:55

    I have always loved birds....I may be bird brained! they carry a great deal of symbolism, especially the Raven. I would love to have this bird watch over me and hold up my favourite built by wendy dress.

  32. How did I miss this? I'm glad I still have a chance! I've been working on my closet, and this would be the perfect hanger on which to hang my outfit for the next day! Something special for that place right out front, that I would see right as I walk in, in front of my new inspiration board and my little art wall in my closet! Thanks for the chance, Samantha.

  33. Julie20:15

    I'm decorating my Northern Minnesota cabin with a Nordic look-inspired by your blog, of course!I'm always on the lookout for wonderful accessories-Krummi would be a most welcome addition to our evolving weekend retreat!

  34. Lovely Krummi would really, really like to land in my nest. He would feel very much at home in our scandinavian apartment, decorated with light coloured wood, white, grey and black. And most of all, he would like to show off some nice dresses, scarves and bags on my bedroom wall.

  35. Anonymous21:09

    The Krummi Raven would fit perfectly with the other birds and butterflys in my white home. He would be like the big brother who will watch over his little siblings. And we would love to watch him fly around in our home and bring us pleasure.

    Love your blogg!

    Greetings from Sweden
    /fru (Mrs) Mars

  36. I would like to hang it right next to my window just to see how the doves outside would behave ;-)
    Salut des de Mallorca

  37. Nancy Main00:18

    I would love this bird to feather my nest !

  38. This will be lovely in my nest. My walls need an artform and this is perfect... I also have a bird obsession... xxx

  39. Fly away and go, taking that last chance to say I just love that birdf who would hang kindly next to a blag cat bird chaser silhouette on my terrace !
    Happy day

  40. Hope I'm not too late ;)

    I would LOVE for the Krummi to fly into my bedroom which is due for a makeover soon, and keep an eye on my necklaces!!


  41. Aurélie09:09

    I am getting married on May 21st to my high school sweetie. I would love the hanger as I would use it to display my wedding dress the night before the big day. I think the design contributes to the aerial feel of my draped silk dress.


  42. Nancy11:40



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