I have had this picture on my
inspiration wall for a few years now...
You may not be able to see very clearly
but the image of the person in the artwork
is made of toys
....very cool
I can't remember what magazine I cut it out from
but I'd love to know who the artist and photographer is....
I think the artist may be Spanish...
Does anyone have any idea?

Phtographer and artist unknown



  1. Vik Muniz is the artist and you probably clipped the image from either Living Etc. or Elle Decoration UK. The artwork is owned by a New York City couple who have 6 children. At the moment their names escape me, but they are regularly featured in the above two magazines.

  2. Thanks so much Karen!

  3. Anonymous02:58

    they actually have 7 kids, the novogratz. they have a firm called sixx design.


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