I cam across this beautiful family home over on Road trip in Finland
This hot chocolate loving family, a designer 
and a carpenter have six children... There is more colour than I woul
normally choose but it is just lovely...


L O V E N O R D I C 


  1. I too want to have six children, live in this house and eat lots of chocolate!! :)

    What a happy, bold and gutsy place. So full of free flowing positive energy. Loving it!

    x Charlotta

  2. what a happy house!!!!! i'd like to live there...it looks so clean and orderly with 6 kids at home!!!! what is the mum secret????
    Have a sweet weekend

  3. LOVE your blog!!

    You have a great Nordic aesthetic and you are a great Nordic design resource!

    Thanks for introducing us today to Road Trip in Finland.


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