I think Lydia & Manfung made themselves 
a beautiful home in this mansion block
click here to see more photos including
before and after shots....
Very cool table...I it.....

Images: Via Inrichting-huis.com

L O V E N O R D I C 


  1. And I love that little collection of characters!

  2. I know, how cute...

  3. Hello! Just stopping by to say: you have a great blog! I have been enjoying your most recent posts very much, and will definitely be adding you to my favorites list... have a lovely day :)

  4. Hi!
    Just found your blog through "some other blog" ;), and I'm just stunned by all the lovely photos you're showing. Love it ♥
    I'll be back! Have a great weekend!

  5. Another fantastic house tour. You really find some amazing ones!

    Love the crispness and also the quirky little touches.

    x Charlotta

  6. Love your blog! Leave mine so you can see my designs: http://mapiurka.blogspot.com/
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  7. This is a very lovely apartment renovation idea! Those homeowners who are considering to do so are surely thrilled to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. i like how you separated the kitchen from the rest of the house only by changing the floor. I was in Argentina a few weeks ago, and the apartment in buenos aires  I rented had what they call: American kitchen. It is the same thing as you did but with a breakfast bar to separate the kitchen from the living room. Interesing...

  9. Love the look for this apartment.

  10. Your apartment is spacious with more room for furniture and appliances.


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