I like to watch Grand Designs as it always inspires me to build my 
own house one day (My boyfriend and I  have a master-plan 'ideas 
board', full of these dreams!) Well this episode was more inspiring
 than ever as it featured a house build by interior designer 
who has very similar vision and style as me  (although she throws 
more vintage into the mix than I do and a bit more colour).  She 
was inspired by Scandinavian design growing up and has had a 
very successful career, working on a vast range of projects from 
hotels and restaurant to her own house.  I suspect like me - the 
only place that she can truly put ALL of her ideas and preferences
 is her own space.  I LOVE the white painted bricks, cement floor,
 herringbone floor and log burner- 
that is like a little bit of heaven for me!



  1. Anonymous18:26

    Everything here is so practical and I can't help but fall in love with it! I think the best piece is the stairs that double as a shelf. You can never have too much shelf space :D

  2. happy that I found your blog today... this home is so perfect and inspiring! Those dining chairs are amazing.

  3. We discovered your blog yesterday and have been emailing ourselves some of the links to some very cool houses. This blog is obviously a labour of love and we thought that you would like to know that our family has been passing around the iPad (it has a 3g data connection, so internet access) with all of the pictures while driving up to Quebec City - conversation in the car has been very lively and fun!

  4. H Stu,

    What a lovely comment you sent through! Thank you! I am glad my blog provided some entertainment and inspiration on your drive up to Quebec City.

    Happy New Year to you and your family :)


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