Well I have just been so busy with my projects that I have neglected my blog,
 but I am back and will start updating regularly again! I have missed sharing 
my favourite things...

So here is a beautiful and colourful Swedish house that was for sale on hemnet
 but has not surprisingly sold now...I was very tempted myself as I would love
 a holiday home in Sweden...or Iceland...I've not decided yet.

These come via a very lovely blog - one of my favourites called roomservice


  1. Jorge22:36

    It's close to my dreams house!! I really love such colorful place...

    I have a question, which maybe doesn't have answer...but do you know where can I find posters similar to those in this house?? Really cool, no? ;)

  2. T hank's for the link and your kind words!

  3. Good to see the updates here on swedish houses.


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