While I'm on the subject of beautiful books I thought I would show 
you one of my favourites. I picked it up and just had to buy it. I
t's pure cosy, winter heaven with beautiful styling from Lynsey 
Fryers, take a look at her portfolio 
The photography is by Brett Stevens

Love it ♥


  1. Anonymous20:58

    Hey Sam, A great recommendation, I bought this book just before Christmas from Waitrose, I just fell in love with the texture of the cover, and from then on it was pure love. A fantastic book, I love it xxx

  2. I know Jo, its just pure bliss from beginning to end! I was the same, I picked it up in Waitrose and just had to get it xx

  3. Well... its a bit after the fact - but Thanks! that is so lovely to hear. Glad you enjoyed it. Jane x


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